Goodbye & Good Luck

from by Crash the Calm

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Im a sucker for one liners
And you bet I can make this quick
I was staying afloat in apathy but I made the choice to live
But the worlds a scary place
And I just cant seem to see escape ill be in my room

Day 2 im getting out of here
Cause these bed sheets make me sweat
And im crawling in my skin
A vision seen but I don’t get it
And I didn’t have a choice
No I didn’t have a choice admit to that

Oh my god its been far to long
My friends ive lost
And my home is gone
And I don’t know just were ill go
(but you wont find me)
I know your hoping and your wishing
That im getting myself better
But despite these pills and despite this weather
If I die in November take your sisters place
Would come to my funeral or show up late
And as your marching down the pews
Your marking of my sins as your mermer
To yourself he let the devil win
Instead of trading it off you gave up, caved in
Giving away what you could have been

Yeah right youll call me back
And when you do ill be ready to chat
I know your just a phone (its not that band)
I know your just a phone away


from How've You Been?, released May 19, 2017


all rights reserved


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