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If I leave you tomorrow
Will you love me the same?
After two years of chasing
And missing your name
And If I fall asleep right next two you
Who will take my place?
When I’m not in your room

I’m done waiting
Your time was through
All my problem’s paths
Lead straight to you

I know I’ve changed
But I’m better off without you
I know that its
Been hard for you to stray
I spent three years just feeling that way

Wishing the best and confessing your name
Time spent forever a week was a day
And don’t you know my love I was tired to
But now that I’ve come to grips ill omit
Fuck you to!

In a room full of friends they all notice
But they don’t say a word cause the know it
When everyone fucking left you’re on your own
Don’t hold your breath
I’ll stop blaming you for everything that went wrong
Ill stop complaining about my life and how you were gone
If you were I and I were you would you see differently
Would you care would you call would you just blame it all on me


from How've You Been?, released May 19, 2017


all rights reserved


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